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Neuropsychology and Educational Services

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​​​Assessment and Screening

Neuropsychological Evaluation

This is a comprehensive evaluation that assesses many aspects of a person's functioning, including intellectual development, memory, language, fine motor skills, sensory and perceptual functioning, adaptive functioning, attention, executive functioning, emotional and behavioral functioning and academic achievement. This type of evaluation is typically appropriate when a medical issue is present or suspected and/or when the individual is experiencing complex difficulties that may span various aspects of his or her life. The goal of our neuropsychological evaluation is to identify and diagnose any present disorders and provide in depth treatment recommendations. Most medical insurance companies require proof of "medical necessity" in order to cover the cost of this type of evaluation. It is necessary for you to provide the following evidence for medical necessity:

  1.  Documentation of a known or suspected neurological/organic condition directly related to the child’s symptoms, which must be a diagnosis the insurance company approves; and 
  2. A referral from the child’s physician that shows sufficient evidence to support the medical necessity for a neuropsychological evaluation.  

Psychological Evaluation

This type of evaluation may be appropriate when emotional and behavioral difficulties are the main concern and the individual is not demonstrating problems with learning or other aspects of his or her functioning.

Psychological-Educational (PsychEd) Evaluation

This type of evaluation focuses on abilities that affect learning and academics. It is often similar to a psychological evaluation with the addition of academic testing (note: academic testing may not be covered by health insurance). Although this type of evaluation is often provided at no cost through public school districts, private evaluations are sometimes requested in the interest of time or when an objective opinion is of importance.

Independent Educational Evaluation

This is similar to a Psychoeducational Evaluation, but is often paid for by a school district when approved ahead of time.

Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation

Is your little one ready to start kindergarten? Spoiler alert: if they are eligible through your school district, they probably are! We know this decision can be a challenge for some, especially for summer birthdays. We can help by assessing pre-academic and social/emotional skills to help guide your decision and give individualized tips for strengthening readiness. 

All evaluations include a follow-up consultation to review results and create a plan to address areas of need. We will be happy to coordinate your care with your primary care, specialty health care and social service providers in support of your or your child's health, wellness and independence.

Counseling & Consultations

Clinicians are available to provide counseling and consultation services to youth and families with exceptional needs. We specialize in neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, AD/HD, and intellectual disorders, as well as acquired brain injury. Counseling or consultation may include processing unexpected information and assisting with the development of IEP and 504 plans.

Dr. Morgan Hall also provides peer consultation to other providers encountering complex cases or seeking to expand their competence in meeting the needs of individuals with diverse abilities and disabilities.